Concerti per Esterházy

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Diapason d'or Le choix de France Musique
BBC Music Magazine

« Beyer’s accomplished performances are greatly helped by the alert playing of the orchestral strings. Indeed, the sense of sheer enjoyment in music-making is palpable throughout this disc. »

Diapason //Jean-Luc Macia

« Taillés sur mesure pour un violoniste italien friand d'agilités dans l'aigu, les deux concertos trouvent enfin un(e) interprète sensible à leur fantaisie autant qu'à leurs raffinements. »

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F. J . Haydn (1732-1809)

Concerti per Esterházy

During his first years in the service of the Esterházy princes, Joseph Haydn had every opportunity to show what he was capable of accomplishing as both instrumental soloist (on violin or keyboard!) and composer; in fact, all his concertos, most of which date from the 1760s, offer a glimpse of a brilliant artist who gradually moved away from the style galant by inventing a new musical dialogue soon to become the Classical style.[+]